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Video transcript Music sounds like a tuneful banging on pipes.
Title: Hydrojetting a Main Sewer Line
Title: American Jetting Service

Jetting nozzle pulls itself through pipe in a manhole. Two men stand beside their truck with jetting equipment on a trailer.
Hi everybody!
Rusty with American Jetting Service.
This is Jeremy.

We're here today to demonstrate hydrojetting a main sewer line in an industrial complex. We're going to be going through a six-inch cleanout, all the way down to a manhole that's approximately 60 feet away.

We carry 500 foot hose on our reels. so we can jet up to 500 feet at a time, no problem. Today we're going to be running at 1000 psi. Normally we can run up to 4000 psi without any problem, and get rid of all those stubborn blockages which is grease, roots, dirt, sludge, whatever's in the line.

Jeremy starts running a hose from the truck's trailer into the six-inch cleanout. For safety, he has placed cones around his area, and the truck's flashing light is on to alert motorists.
The advantage we have over other companies out there doing hyrdrojetting is we're small, family-owned, operated, with friends involved also. We've got offices in Southern California; Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada.

Being family oriented is we feel we can offer a better service, more personalized service, quicker response, 24-hour access, one call will do it all, you get anything covered all throughout Southern California.

Jeremy stands beside the truck and starts the engine that automatically feeds the hose from the reel into the underground pipe. He whistles while it feeds in.
So with that in mind, let's get started!

We are shown the truck's storage area with many extra nozzles of different shapes and sizes.
Here's an array of nozzles we use for different applications such as grease, sludge, roots, sand, and your general everyday cleaning.

Rusty, Jeremy, and Steve the video guy wave to camera from the cleanout manhole, then we zoom to the truck. Jeremy continues to watch the manhole, until Rusty signals to him from the truck.
Ok, folks, so after getting the all-clear to go, this is where the magic actually begins. We're using an everyday cleaning nozzle that's pulling and propelling itself through the pipe, to restore it to nearly its original diameter.

Now keep in mind, we're only using 1000 psi today, because we don't want to splash our technician or the camera with all that goodness that we're removing from the inside.

Camera pans to Jeremy watching at the manhole, where the video camera tripod is set to look straight down.
So for the money shot camera zooms in on the manhole, waiting to see the jetting hose with nozzle ... wait for it ... we see a stream of water ... wait for it ... wait ... we see it slowly coming through, spraying a jet of water in front and a fan of water behind to propel it.

Now as impressive as this looks, we actually run the pressure four times higher through the pipe to remove all the crud, gunk, and goo to keep you worry free. And remember folks, clean pipes are happy pipes!

The nozzle is through to the other side of the manhole, and the water streaming behind it is spraying forcefully. Camera shows a nice side view of truck and trailer, then a view of the truck's complicated hose assembly, which pressurizes the water and feeds it out through many snake-like hoses.

Jeremy rolls the 500-foot hose back onto the truck's reel, using the automatic feed in reverse. Rusty uses a manhole tool to neatly drag the manhole cover back into place. We see safety cones at the end of the alley alerting motorists.

Thank you, everybody, for watching our video at American Jetting Service, Keeping Pressure on the Problem.

Title: Hydrojetting a main sewer line with American Jetting Service
Hydrojetting Technicians - Rusty Warren and Jeremy Lundgren
Videographers: Steve & Julie John,
Music: Gaslamp Funworks by Kevin MacLeod,

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